You awake to find yourself in a dark room. As you begin to feel your way off your bed, the light flickers on. A thick fog lies over your memories. You can see a [[sparse metal bookcase|Bookcase]], [[a blinking computer terminal|Computer1]], and a [[hatch|Hatch]][[.|EasterEgg]]You see a sparse metal bookcase. There are a few tomes resting on top, but when you try to read them the text appears to shift under your eyes. You can make out a few paragraphs, including one on [[Weapons of Mass Destruction|WMDs]], one on [[religious views on such]], one on [[terrorism]], one on [[drone warfare]].You examine the computer. It appears to have be an old CRT monitor, with a blinking green prompt. Text runs across the top of the screen. 'Shall we play a game?'. You type in: [[Yes|Games1]] or [[No|Concrete Room]]The hatch in the ceiling is made of thick steel, and a fixed ladder leads up to it. It's locked. You turn back to [[the room|Concrete Room]]Two games flash up on the screen. [['Diplomacy'|Diplomacy]] and [['Drone Warfare'|LWIA]]. You can also go back to the [[prompt|Computer1]], or return to the [[room|Concrete Room]].'Weapons of mass destruction have the potential to destroy whole cities and kill millions of people. Nuclear weapons have been used twice in the past when the USA dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WW2. They haven’t been used since but many countries including the US, Britain, China and India. The United Nations’ first resolution in 1946 established a Commission to deal with problems related to the discovery of atomic energy. A component of this was "the elimination from national armaments of atomic weapons and of all other major weapons adaptable to mass destruction." Treaties and arrangements have followed with the aim of discouraging their use and testing. They must work because none have been used since 1945. But they cost billions to maintain around the world and their development makes their use more likely. Radiological bombs are bombs that disperse radioactive material through conventional bombs. They can make whole areas contaminated with the material and kill people. Biological warfare uses living disease-causing bacterium or viruses to cause death on a large scale. Chemical warfare is similar, but uses non-living toxins, such as nerve agents to cause incapacity or death.' - Return to [[Bookcase]] or [[Concrete Room]].>You are sitting at a long table. >Around you are [[10 other people|People]], all of different [[nationalities|nations]] >There is a [[piece of paper|paper]] sitting in front of you.>You are sitting in front of a computer screen. On it is an [[aerial image|image]] of a [[far-off country|country]]. You can see a [[large building|building]], with [[trucks]] parked outside of it. There is a button in front of you. [[Press the button?|Hbutton]] [[Move on?|mv]] Return to [[Games|Games1]]Made by Henry Rolph, Jack Bowes-Reynolds, Lewis Williams, Lex Ewing and Jonty Hyde. By playing this game, [[you agree that we own your soul in perpetuity.|Concrete Room]]>The people sitting around the [[table|Diplomacy]] have a grim look on their faces. >Each has a [[small flag|nations]] on the table in front of them. >Every person also has a gun in front of them. >They are of different sizes and different capacities, but they could all kill. [[Representatives|People]] from France, Germany, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, China, Russia, Italy, India, and Canada surround you. You can see the representative for the United Kingdom reflected in the [[table|Diplomacy]]."Will you get rid of your gun?" [[Yes]] or [[No]] You now have 9 guns pointed at you. Congratulations. You die! Return to [[computer|Games1]] The paper is passed between each member of the group, before being [[passed back to you|paper]].The image comes from an autonomous drone hovering in the sky. It is invisible to the naked eye from the ground. It requires [[your approval|LWIA]] to fire on the [[building]]. The image is streamed live, you can see the [[trucks]] coming and going as time passes.The [[image]] you can see on your [[screen|LWIA]] probably represents some middle-eastern country or another, you're not entirely sure. You can see a [[large building|building]], with [[trucks]] around it.The building is roughly square, with many overhangs, and is situated in the centre of a fairly big compound with many smaller surrounding buildings. There is constant traffic from [[trucks]] , bringing in large groups of people. The quality of the [[image]] on your [[screen|LWIA]] does not allow you to make out any markings on it from this distance.The trucks seem to keep coming and going from the [[building]]. Every time they arrive a group of people are ferried into the building, and then two people return to the truck and drive off. The [[image]] on your [[screen|LWIA]] isn't clear enough to provide exact details of their features.Congratulations. You just bombed a hospital. Your cock-up is broadcast across the news. I hope you feel proud of yourself. [[You keep your job|Games1]]. Congratulations. You just passed over a terrorist camp. The foot-soldiers who were brought in by the trucks are trained and radicalised due to your lack of action. [[You keep your job|Games1]].No religions agree with the use of Weapons of mass destruction. They are viewed as very dangerous to life on Earth and uncontrollable. They also do not agree with the ideas of just war. Religious people believe that life is sacred, and these weapons go utterly against this believe. War should be only be carried out to gain justice for people. WMD are seen as unjust because they kill mainly civilians and people not even involved in the conflict. Like during the Vietnam War, the US's Agent Orange killed thousands of civilians and still has an effect now with birth deformities. Some people believe that the storage of nuclear weapons can just be a deterrent. They can help to keep the peace by just by having them. - Return to [[Bookcase]] or [[Concrete Room]].Terrorism is described as the most effective act of war on particular countries by organisations that carry them out in the modern world. Terrorism means an act of violence which is intended to create fear and terror, usually on a civilian population. It's is often carried out to weaken moral and create a real sense of terror in many otherwise peaceful countries. Examples of recent terror attacks include 9/11 in New York 2001, 7/7 bombings in London 2005 and the very recent Paris Attacks in 2015. People who carry them out believe they are doing it for a very important cause which they often believe is related to their religious interpretation. British Quakers have recently said in the wake of the Parks Attacks that “The courageous response of ordinary people who refuse to give up their way of life and refuse to be driven by fear is one that politicians could learn from.” They go on to say that military action is not good to target ISIS in Syria and to act with wisdom is the only way forward. They conclude by quoting “True peace cannot be dictated, it can only be built in co-operation between all peoples. None of us, no nation, no citizen, is free from some responsibility for this.” - Return to [[Bookcase]] or [[Concrete Room]].Drones are vehicles that aren't directly controlled by a human being. They could be remote controlled, or simply AI controlled, but there are no human beings in them. They can often be used as a stealthier alternative to piloted vehicles, along with one that causes less risk to human life. However the seperation that gives you from those who are being killed could be argued to dehumanise them, and cause more civillian casualties through a lack of caution. There are more problems with AI controlled drones, with arguments over whether a computer should be given control over whether somebody lives or dies. - Return to [[Bookcase]] or [[Concrete Room]].